is a contemporary musical, a fun, frantic frollic with an upbeat, uplifting score in a modern quirky romantic comedy setting. It's a sexy, slick adult caper!

Gilbert isa young man on the fringe of society, a thirty something who although living with his mum, is desperate to find love any way he can. The musical revolves around a dysfunctional relationship Gilbert pursues with a young lady named Lydia, whom he meets online through a dating agency. Lydia herself is frustratingly naive and insecure, and is saving herself for the right man...


... Gilbert's insecurities and a longing to live up to Lydia's lofty expectations, lead him to spin a web of lies and exaggerations so comical and complex, that when it becomes time to meet each other, he would do almost anything to live up to her expectations!© 2007 | Website by Purple Hippo Design The Story  |  The Music  |  The Cast  |  The Tour  |  Credits  |  Forum

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