Jonathan Davison is an independently published author. Specialising in science fiction but with forays into war, adventure and satirical humour, his books are available to purchase in printed and electronic format across the world.

Beginning to write in earnest in 2010, his approach to writing is as fast paced as his stories. Prolific in his output, he often starts another book the moment he has finished the last. Not one to cover the same ground time and time again, Jonathan has enjoyed forays into many genres although they often retain a sci-fi edge. Jonathan's books are emotional adventures with strong characters and thought provoking themes. Drawing upon his experience in science and the media, you will always find his books to be contemporary and based to some degree on fact and reason.

Jonathan Davison was born in 1975 in Gosport, Hampshire, England. Graduating from Oxford Brookes University in 1998 with a degree in Human Biology, he has found a career as a media specialist forthe police although the formative stages of his working life often involved teaching and music production.

Based in Newton Abbot in Devon, UK, Jonathan is also a multi faceted instrumentalist and songwriter with influences ranging from contemporary classical to progressive rock, metal and jazz fusion. With experience in sound production, broadcasting and presentation, Jonathan has also written for radio and for musical theatre. He is currently in a four piece rock band called 'Evolution' who tour the Devon area.

Unsolicited reviews from the Amazon community-

This is definitely a 5 star read. No spoilers here, but if you like a well written, thoughtful, a "makes you think" ending, this book is for you. The writing is incredible, it reminds me of Issac Asimov and his lovely writing. I hope this author puts out another incredible "robot" book. (Dark Phase)

Just when you think you know where the story is going it abruptly changes & a totally new challenge now faces our hero - I will leave this revelation for the reader to discover. It was totally unexpected & the most brilliant twist in the tale.
I cant more highly praise this book - I read it in one session & was gripped throughout. The writer is a true master of his craft & I intend to add his library to my collection. (Emissary)

Excellent, original plot taking a different look at the possible future involving AI and robots. The development of the main character is fascinating and quite believable. The writing is crisp and flows well. This is a full story from beginning to end (for those avoiding lead-ins to a series). In this case I actually wish the story hadn't ended with this book - I would like to read more. (Dark Phase)

The book takes plenty of time discussing the philosophy of belief and knowledge, human folly and innocence. It was Aa great read and definately worth the time. Story and characters are compelling. (Dark Phase)

I found The Observer to be very entertaining, imaginative and engaging. The author did an excellent job - especially with setting and character development. Overall it was an enjoyable read by a promising Indy author. (The Observer)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys science fiction especially interaction between human and thinking computer. (Emissary)

This story is not what it at first seems. You think that it is about a single person on a deep space ship with the ships AI. That part is done well but then something happens and the story takes a totally new route on a post world war Earth. This again moves back to the ships AI and yet another path begins. I do not wish to give too much away. It is a really good read if you are into Sci-fi. (Emissary)

I bought this book on my kindle at a friend's recommendation having never heard of the author. The plot is fairly thin but that's the appeal of the book - it is simply light entertainment, perfect for a 5 hour flight! As a member of an amateur rock band, I got all the jokes and techie stuff about guitar technique and chord patterns; if you don't know your g-dim arpeggio from an F power chord, quite a lot of the book will mean very little to you, if you do, you're in for a great read! (In Space No One Can Hear You Rock!)

This is an excellent book well written with several exciting twists, i found it difficult to put down and holding my interest from beginning to end. (The Prometheus Effect)

Very imaginative Sci-Fi thriller with a hint of romance which would make a fantastic movie. The plot is uniquely captivating and it is very difficult to put down for very long, as you simply have to find out what happens next. By the end, the characters have become good friends and the climax leaves you longing to find out what their next adventure will be. This is escapism at its best; fantastic value for money. (Sanctuary)




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Dark Phase Repatriation

Now available - the long awaited sequel to Dark Phase, Jonathan Davison's most critically acclaimed book.

Following on from the first book, the Dark Phase universe is explored in greater detail and through the eyes of a most unexpected visitor.

Promising to fulfill the unanswered questions of the first book, Repatriation is a worthy successor to the original and will expand on the atmospheric story with new characters and revelations!© 2012